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Harvest Festival 2009


Our Harvest Festival took place on October 18th at with the service conducted by Canon William Price. As always the church was beautifully decorated by organisations within the village and our thanks must go to them for their splendid efforts. We must also thank Mrs Christina Bolland and the W.I. choir for their welcome contribution to our harvest hymns. The first part of our organ refurbishment is almost complete and we hope that Christina found it a much better instrument to play than in the past. The harvest was certainly a fitting celebration of the work that has taken place.

A special thank you must go to the playgroup who decorated our children’s area with a collage from the story of the Little Red Hen. The story is a timely reminder that, like the farmyard animals, we easily accept the final outcome of our food preparation without thought for the industry involved in its production. Harvest is the one time in the year when we perhaps stop to think about all those who contribute to this work.

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