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I need to apologise once again that Messy Church was again unable to go ahead as planned on 12th January. This was unfortunately due to complications following my fall in December. Let us hope and pray that nothing will prevent the March Messy Church from taking place. Look out for Posters nearer the time and please consider becoming a helper in any way possible.

Our next session (God Willing) will be on Saturday 9th March.

I must apologise for the fact that Messy Church was not able to take place on Saturday 13th October as unfortunately there was a mix up on the booking and the hall was not available.  Because of the busy season it is not possible to meet again before christmas so we wish everybody a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

To avoid this happening in the future I have now booked the hall for the second Saturday in January 12th, March 9th, May 11th, July 13th, September 7th and November 9th of 2019.  

Please put those dates in your diaries ready.  We will also have a more structured start to the sessions with a gathering at the beginning to talk about the theme and how the crafts fit in.  Crafts will then begin at 10.45 and the session will then follow the usual pattern.

Let’s start a New Year of Messy Church together and celebrate. 

Please note that the next season of Messy Church will be on Saturday 13th October again in Hadnall Village Hall at 10.30 am. Theme not yet decided but watch out for Posters soon.

Messy Church once again took place on Saturday 30th June with the theme of “True family” talking about all of us being part of the family of Jesus Christ and brothers and sisters together. Once again thanks to all helpers and families who joined us. Next messy Church will probably be early October as so many are away over the summer so look out for details nearer the time. If anyone is interested in helping with the organisation, preparation or on the day itself then please let me know. (210445).

We also have to give a very big thank you to Hadnall Sew and Sews who very kindly made a generous donation of £100 to Messy Church for the hire of the Village Hall. The children made a Thank You card and it was presented to the Chairperson of Sew and Sews (Mrs Diane Clark) before we sat down to lunch.Thank you ladies, it is much appreciated by everyone.

Next Messy Church is booked for Saturday 30th June with the Theme “Our Family”. (Please note Messy Church always starts at 10.30 and continues to 12.30.)

Messy Church for the Benefice was held on Saturday 12th May with 5 families attending. We learned about Creating and caring and how we can help to keep our world as it should be. Lunch this time was Pasta with Cheese Sauce followed by Fruit Salad prepared by the children in Messy Play.

I hope everyone has seen the posters by now to say that Messy Church will be held on Saturday 17th March at the usual time of 10.30.  There will be an “Easter Theme”.  Do please come along and join in the Messy CelebrationThere is no charge but donations are gratefully received towards costs.

Another apology is due I’m afraid as unfortunately we also had to postpone Messy Church scheduled for 13th January. This was due to illness. We hope to reschedule as soon as possible so look out for the posters and FB.

Messy Church was once more buzzing in October with 7/8 families celebrating “Peace and Comfort”. The next session is unfortunately not until1813th January 2018 because of the busy time in December. Our theme then is to be “Messy Epiphany”. Look out for posters and Social Media reminders. Remember it is open to the whole Benefice and even beyond. If anyone would like to help with the Organisation, planning or helping on the day, do let me know as it only works with enough helpers. Thanks to all those who regularly help, it is much appreciated.

Messy Church had four families attending in August and everyone had a good messy time and worship followed by lunch. The next Messy Church will be held on Saturday 21st October at the Village Hall from 10.30 to 12.30. Theme “Peace and Comfort”. This is open to any family from the Benefice or beyond.
There is no charge but donations are gratefully received towards costs.

Well what happened with Messy Church? I can only assume it was mainly the clash with the Kid’s Fest in the Quarry or maybe a breakdown in communications. Whatever the reason we had no one attend on 13th May. This is most unusual and I hope it’s not a sign of things to come. The theme of “The Lost Son” will therefore be carried forward to the next session, which is on 5th August at 10.30 as usual. Do put the date in your diary now.

Messy Church finally took place on March 11th after being deferred and was attended by 11 families including 4 new ones. Thank you all for supporting us, it makes it all worthwhile. The children and mums and/or dads got very messy finding “Hidden Treasure”. The next meeting is on Saturday 13th May at the usual time with a theme “The Lost Son”.

My apologies for the delay in notifying that Messy Church will now be on Saturday 11th March instead of February due to circumstances beyond my control.  The theme will still be the same as advertised.

The next Messy Church will be held of Saturday 11th February at the usual time of 10.30 am to 12.30 am.  The theme this time is to be “Hidden Treasure  so come and help us find among other things that Pearl of Great Price.

Our meeting in November was enjoyed by all who attended having once again a very Messy time.  We ended with Christmas Festivities including Crackers and Minced Pies.  The story was told by Olivia and enjoyed by all the children. Thank You Olivia.  

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 26th November when we will be looking at the story of the “Angel coming to Mary to tell her she was going to have God’s Son”  Time will be as usual from 10.30 to 12.30 in Hadnall Village Hall.

It is open to the whole of the Benefice and beyond.  Do come and join our Messy family.

Well, once again what a happy messy time we had and this time, Messy Church really lived up to its name.  Seven families met up on 10th September and we talked about not forgetting to say Thank You for everything that is done for us, especially for the wonderful gifts that God gives us. There were Thank you paper weights very messily painted with more going on aprons and fingers but didn’t they look good.  Then we had a big Thank You banner to illustrate our story about the Ten Lepers with only one returning to say Thank You to Jesus for being healed.  Several other messy crafts took place and we finished with a light meal after singing “Our God is a Great Big God”, a favourite with the children.

I am pleased to say that we had a total of 10 families join us for Messy Church on 18th June and what a messy time we had.

What with crowns coloured and stuck onto a Prayer Robe;  Glittery crowns made for wearing;  Bible biscuits decorated and consumed and Hands drawn and cut out for waving. There was glue, jewels and glitter everywhere.

So many Royals taking part in the story and shouting Hurrah for the Queen, waving their crowns or hands.  I’m sure it could be heard all over the village.

We ended with sandwiches, dishes of mandarins and scones with jam as if we were having an  old fashioned street party.

And a jolly good time was had by all.

Do come and join us in September and see what we get up to.  Photos to follow.

God Bless.  Kath

Our next Messy Church will be held on Saturday 18th June in Hadnall Village Hall from 10.30 to 12.30.    It is open to all in the Benefice and beyond.  There is no charge but donations are accepted towards food and supplies, we look forward to seeing you.

We will be celebrating the Queen’s Official Birthday.

Dates for the rest of the year are:

September 10th and November 26th so make a note of these in your diaries.

Here are another couple of photos, this time from 23rd April.  The one is showing the children making a lion faced fridge magnet and the other is a selection of the items they made.  We celebrated a “Messy Hero: – Samson.



Just a couple of photos from Feb 13th.  Enjoying making beaded jewellery and some of the spoon puppets made for the story.

IMG_0582 IMG_0583

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